Sirens of Berlin (2005)


In February 2004 we celebrated the 7th anniversary of our venue “Bluebird Café Berlin”. We organized two evenings with several female artists and named it “Women in concert”. The high quality of the performances and the very big interest of the audience made us think, that we should do more about that. We wanted to do a project in which all these great energies are bundled up and all these great artists get the chance to be presented to an even bigger audience. After the idea was born within a few days we had already seventeen acts to put on the CD although there are plenty more but we had to make a choice otherwise the CD would be too long. All these singer/songwriter come from various places of the world and are now making a living in Berlin. They write their songs about love and life, sorrow and grief but also about hopes and dreams and one thing is for sure – it´s all great handmade acoustic music.

So take an hour off and enjoy the music of the “Sirens of Berlin”.

Doreen und Maik Wolter

(Bluebird Café Berlin Records)